Ellie's puppies.

A Litter of Nine is Fine!

Luna, our Macy x Maslow girl who is co-owned with our daughter’s family in East Hampton, CT, came home to have her first litter.

Bred to our boy Buoy, Luna blessed us with an easy whelping, resulting in nine beautiful pups! Starting at 8:30 am on December 15, 2023, and ending at 1:45, Luna breezed through her first labor with Shelby, Lexi, and Taelyn at her side.

Luna’s kids scattered far and wide! “Miko” moved to Monroe, CT; Sultan moved to Middletown, CT; Max moved to Rocky Hill, CT; “Birdie” moved to Coventry, CT; “Lexi” moved to Attleboro MA, (to be a little sister to their first W’nW pup, “Luna”); “Larry (Bird)” stayed “Larry” and moved to Chepachet, RI; “Ziggy” also retained his puppy name and went to Attleboro, MA, with the Fogg’s to fill the BIG paw prints that “Floyd” left behind; and “Otto” moved all the way to Atlanta, GA.

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