Wool ‘n Wind Standard Poodles are bred with intention. With a focus on producing the highest quality, conformationally correct, temperamentally sound puppies possible, we are exceptionally selective with each stud dog and dam we choose. We then show some of our dogs to know that Poodle judges find them to be quality representatives of the breed.

After choosing the best, friendliest, most fun-loving, stable animals, we complete comprehensive genetic testing on every dog that enters our breeding program and require the same of each stud dog we choose from other breeders. We complete OFA hip and elbow x-rays and certifications. We conduct thyroid panels on every dog we breed. Only after these screenings and evaluations do we intentionally determine which dogs to breed to produce the best puppies possible.

Only after careful screenings, selection, and breeding, we whelp with a focus on socialization from day one. Our puppies are raised in our home with exposure to people, LOTS of people, every day until they reach 8 weeks. We expose pups to de-sensitization routines, touching their feet and faces daily and grooming them with clippers, combs, and brushes weekly until they go home. All of this effort ensures Wool ‘n Wind puppies are well-bred, socially sound, healthy, and well-groomed fur-babies eager to join your family!

The Boys

Wool 'n Wind The Boys

We are proud to show off 2 proven stud dogs ~ the fancy, Maslow, “CH Alaman’s WnW Spectacular Sail” who completed his Championship at 11 months, and our goofball, Buoy, “GCHS Boxwood’s Bell Buoy” who completed his Championship in two weekends at 8 months and his Grand Championship at 11 months.

The Girls

Wool 'n Wind The Girls

Our current house pets include Ebbi, our 12-years-old matriarch; Hailey, our 4-year-old Alaman girl and Wool ‘n Wind Alli’s daughter; Maggie, a two-year-old girl who is Ellie’s daughter and Ebbi’s great grand-daughter) making her our 5th generation pup; and Marti, Hailey and Buoy’s one-year-old daughter.

The Litters

Wool 'n Wind Litters

Please enjoy this walk down memory lane! We work to capture each litter, the dam we owe them to, and the families who joined ours because of them. Litters are our time to HOST … new puppy families, friends, and family – everyone working with us together to raise the most socialized puppies possible!

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