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Whole ingredients Without Byproducts

As a lifelong animal breeder, I understand the importance of quality nutrition. Raising purebred sheep, we understood that investing in high-quality nutrition was key. From lamb production to twinning rate, weight gain, and performance in the show ring, it all depended on understanding that what goes in determines what comes out.

The same logic applies to canine nutrition. In the early 1980s, we learned about premium dog food through Eukanuba. Iams was a brand that made a real difference in our Old English Sheepdogs. It was a quality, whole-ingredient formula without byproducts and artificial additives. This product was only available through direct marketing, as this marketing philosophy allowed the revenue to go into the ingredients, not the marketing.

Eventually, Iams entered the commercial pet food space, and the quality of the product was compromised. We have tried many “high quality” “premium” dog foods over the years but struggle with the inconsistency of the formulas, sources of ingredients, and overall quality of the food—until now!

Only the Best

We have recently learned of a small-batch pet food company that is very similar to the original Iams company … whole-ingredient, American-sourced, high-quality food sold directly through dog breeders, enthusiasts, and pet professionals.

With nearly two decades of experience as a CEO in the pet industry, Roger Morgan, the founder and CEO of pawTree, experienced first-hand the negative impact of companies compromising quality and putting profits before pets.

Unwilling to cut corners, he founded pawTree to craft products with uncompromising standards to be distributed through trusted relationships, versus big box stores. He chose to only bring products to market that put our pet’s health before profits. From sourcing premium human-grade ingredients to our selected USDA-registered and inspected facilities, pawTree standards of quality never wavered.