Wool ‘n Wind poodles are bred specifically for their empathic temperament and ability to be therapeutic companions.


Down-to-earth, level-headed, fun-loving, and easy-going…does it sound like a description of one of your friends? Our dogs, bred for an even-tempered, loving personality, will bond quickly as best buds for you and your kids.

Some dogs of different breeds are more independent and might not notice if you need a shoulder to cry on. But having a poodle means that you’ve got a faithful, compassionate companion, having a strong instinct to be emotionally supportive of their family.

Looking for a poodle puppy?

Ultimately, what matters most to us is that our puppies find their way into loving homes where they will get and give a tremendous amount of poodle joy for the next 12 to 16 years!

For those looking for a Poodle puppy, because we only breed a few litters in any given year, we recommend that your research other reputable breeders in addition to us. Below is the contact information for Breeder Referral Services through a variety of Poodle clubs in the region.

Looking for a poodle puppy?
Poodle Club Resources

Breeder Referral Services

Poodle Club Resources

Quinnipiac Poodle Club – CT
Breeder Referral
Leslie Newing
Phone: 203-255-3396 9am-7 pm EST | Email: quinnipiacpc@yahoo.com

Poodle Club of Mohawk Valley – NY
Kathy Gillooley
Phone:845-943-8142 | Email: kathygillooley@gmail.com

The Poodle Club of Massachusetts

The Poodle Club of America


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