Ellie's puppies.

Ten Perfect Pups!

Our best girl graced us with 10 beautiful puppies on May 23, 2023. Whelping her first big litter in 7 hours makes her a superstar in our book!

We had a wonderful summer, enjoying all the company a litter brings, morning romps in lily-filled gardens, and a fabulous photo shoot on a sunny day in July. This Hailey x Buoy litter affords us our next girl, "Marti" Wool 'n Wind's Bellerophon's Party On ... who is likely the best dog we have bred to date.

Apollo moved to NYC with Retha and Jennifer; Bella moved to Woonsocket, RI, with Michelle; Buddy moved to Bridgewater, MA, with Robin; Romeo moved to Holland, MA. with Bev and Steve; Maya moved in with Fran in Mystic, CT; Suki went to live with Mary Carol and Tom in Westerly, RI; Stanley moved to Glastonbury (and he summers in Mystic!) with Kim and Greg; Beau moved to Colchester, CT; and Chloe moved to East Bridgewater, CT with Dennis and Kristen.

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