Ellie's puppies.

A Beautiful Litter of Nine

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in February with friends and family on hand in the whelping room, Macy and Maslow welcomed a beautiful litter of 9 into the world!

A ‘Jetson’ litter (plus a few!) George, Judi, Jane, Elroy, Rosie and Astro, along with Charlotte, Lucky and Shamrock arrived. This litter arrived healthy, grew like weeds and all went to Connecticut forever homes, with the exception of Judi (now Greta) who went to live with Ojala family in VT and ‘Robbie’ their Poodle boy from an Ebbi litter. Bon Jovie (George) lives at the lake in Dayville, Ct with Susan, Gypsy Girl (Jane) went to Cromwell to live with Melinda and help her with her daughter, Elroy went to Winsor to be Tom’s first dog and best friend, Jeager (Astro) moved to New Haven to help his dad in his Psychotherapy practice, Pearl (Rosie) moved with Mello (Amelia’s girl) to Brooklyn with Ken and Laurie, Rayn (Lucky) moved to Putnam to live with her daddy and Kathleen, Jojo (Charlotte) moved to Collinsville with Susan and Bill and Grazie (Shamrock) moved to Lisbon with Malea to take on the very important work of becoming her Service Dog.

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