Ellie's puppies.

Game Changer! Finally a food they will eat!

I want to share a dog food product that has been a game changer for me. We feed multiple dogs in various life stages while conditioning them to have their bodies meet vastly different demands, including:

  • Being a virile stud dog.
  • Conceiving and carrying a pregnancy.
  • Producing enough milk to raise a growing litter.
  • Growing a show coat.

Wool ‘n Wind Pawtree Products

In the past, I have leaned on premium commercial dog food using Purina Pro Plan, Iams, and Royal Canin, to name a few. After working through long bouts of picky eaters, thin adults, and fragile bellies (always adding probiotics to this one or pumpkin to that one), we found something new with pawTree dog food.

We have been trialing pawTree for the past four months and we think it is nothing short of amazing. I learned about this product while attending a breeder's seminar where presenters and consumers alike were raving about it. Now, after four months... feeding it to 8-week-old puppies, adult moms, a stud dog, and a growing show prospect, we could not be more thrilled.

Our Experience with pawTree Dog Food

  • Ease of feeding. They all get varying amounts of the same food.
  • Improved appetites. They all clean their bowls.
  • Better digestibility. Reduced stool and weight gain.

Now, after becoming a believer, we have enrolled in pawTree to make this product available to Wool 'n Wind families. Click here to try your first order with a new customer discount!

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