Wool 'n Wind Amelia

My Heart Dog

Amelia is our "Ebbi," Wool ‘n Wind’s Frolic on the Ebb Tide, and "Trace," Dream Catcher’s Come Alive, pup. She is my heart dog; that one special dog who came to me because she was meant to be mine!

‘Meli’ is an amazing girl with a very correct poodle coat (soft on the bottom and course on the top), but what makes this girl special is the personality she got from her daddy. Trace was a special boy with a heart the size of Texas. His disposition was why we were so drawn to him – his empathy and warmth radiated from his very being – and he lives on in his offspring.

Amelia is a classic Trace baby who simply lives to love! After completing her Championship and health testing, Amelia joined her mother and grandmother in producing beautiful Wool ‘n Wind puppies. Amelia has dammed four litters, producing some of the healthiest, most loving puppies we’ve ever had, including our one red girl, Lucy!

Many of Amelia’s pups have gone on to forever homes with a job to do…support an autistic child, look after a parent with Alzheimer’s, provide an alert for a medically impacted owner … knowing that our pups have helped a few folks live a little better, feel a little safer, or be a bit more secure … is our reason for doing this work that we love!

Wool 'n Wind Amelia
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