Ellie's puppies.

Two Girls - One Boy

Ellie is our 3rd generation of Wool ‘n Wind breeding. She is a daughter of Amelia and Maslow, granddaughter of Ebbi and Great Granddaughter of our beloved matriarch, Alli. She is a high energy diva that we co-own with Eva Mederios of Swansea, MA.

Ellie was suppose to have a show career, but COVID got in the way of those plans. Despite not having a title, we forged on with health testing and when everything came back clear, we knew we wanted to continue our Wool ‘n Wind line to a 4th generation. Ellie was bred to “Jordan” (“Alaman’s Wanna Be Like Me”) and her first litter of three beautiful pups arrived on June 1. 2022. Maggie (Wool ‘n Wind’s Forget Me Not”) has stayed with us, while Griffin (Wool ‘n Wind’s It Had To Be Me”) moved to Eva’s house to become CJ’s best boy. The 3rd puppy girl moved to Grafton, MA with Andy to become his forever friend.

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