Ellie's puppies.

Nine Perfect Poodle Puppies

With the beautiful litter we had in 2019, we decided to try this combination one more time. Nine perfect puppies joined us on February 1, 2020.

Five black and four cream babies bounced into our life to make our winter fly by. Puppy devotees were a regular addition to after-work evenings and weekends; lots of puppy love and red wine around fireside chats. Then COVID-19 hit. No more puppy cuddlers, but working from home has allowed for plenty of puppy time!

This litter had families waiting for them before they arrived, and while it was not the way we like to do our ‘Gottcha” Day, we adhered to social distancing as best we could while getting these kids connected to their new families on time. With contracts emailed in advance and Venmo payments providing ‘no contact’ payment options, we met folks in the driveway, passed over their puppies and disinfected notebooks and waved goodbye! Maisee went off to Plymoyth, MA, (Tiger) Lily to New Hope, NJ, Leroy to Norwich, CT, Beast to Arlington, MA, Darby O’Dowd to Norwalk, CT, Tauro stayed in Pomfret, (right down the road!), Abbey went off to Ashby, MA, Luna to Attleboro, MA and my little Orange Blossom, now Ruby, went to live in Andover, MA with a little girl who the universe made me realize needed her more than I did. I cannot wait to see these kids and their families come home for Poolouza so we can all connect again!

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